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KOGA TOUCH CO.,LTD was registered in 2012. The founding team originated from the optical touch business department of Beijing IRTOUCH. Now Sansheng Education (Stock code: SZ300282) is a stakeholder of KOGA TOUCH.

KOGA TOUCH is well-known for its strong R&D strength in the industry. We have a complete independent intellectual property of large-size optical touch modules, IR smart pens and capacitive smart pens. As of April 2023, the company has 34 product trademarks in the smart interactive industry, 55 related patents, including 12 invention patents.

KOGA TOUCH strictly manages in accordance with ISO9001, ISO14001 systems and the norms of listed companies. Our Optical touch modules, Smart pens, Optical touch bars and Optical touch all in one have reliable performance and traceable quality control, and are used globally in large-sized smart interaction fields such as classroom and business conference.

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